Scientific journal "Archaeological ceramology"

Published 2 times a year

Foundation: April 2018

Mass Media Registration Certificate: KV № 23238-13078R dated 04.04.2018

ISSN (print): 2663-5755

ISSN (online): 2707-4218

Language of edition: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The purpose of the journal is to unite archeologists, historians, art historians and specialists from other branches of science around topical issues of studying the ancient pottery of Ukraine and the world; creation of a public platform for scientific discussions on ceramological topics; engaging researchers to discuss current ceramological topics; consideration of historical processes through the prism of complex analysis of archaeological ceramics.

The scientific focus of the journal is thematically limited to the study of pottery of Ukraine and the world. The chronological range of research covers the period from the moment of the appearance of the first clay products to the early modern era of Eastern Europe. Preference given to analytical paper, modern author's scientific interpretations, using of new sources, interdisciplinary research.


Ceramology Branch of the Ethnology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of UkraineNational Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne, The Public Organization The Congress of Ukrainian Ceramologists


The National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne, Publishing House «Ukrainsʼke Narodznavstvo»


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